maximizing positivity…

last night, after listening to my “not a meditation,” i realized that i needed to begin to find and see ways to change, in order to maximize positivity.  

i have changed and am a work in progress, always in the process of renewal, growth, transformation…i want positive interactions and outcomes. 

last night, i decided that i needed to try to find some kind of a positive outcome to the conflict that has been brewing between, richard and i.

i wanted to maximize my positivity and figured out a way for the outcome to be positive and beneficial, without either of us compromising our “integrity.”

i decided to compose an email, utilizing his own humor, and ever present, repetitive “catch-phrases. i was empathetic, without being apologetic.

i sent it last night and waited. i heard nothing from him last night, but this morning, i received a reply. it was also empathetic, without being apologetic.

i felt that he had received my message in the manner that it was intended and mirrored my message right back to me…using empathy.

once i read the email, i breathed a sigh of relief, and went out to talk to him. we had a good, friendly conversation, and agreed not to talk about medicaid.

we were both able to see the other’s perspective and change our skewed interpretations of the event, to what was really said and what really occurred. 

technically, we were both “wrong.” meaning that we each interpreted the event differently, but both of us failed to put it into context and listened to others.

we both let our emotions override our brains. we allowed our overwhelming stubbornness to fester for days, and wasted a lot of time and energy.

we both agreed to solve future conflicts, when they arise, in person, without outside influence, utilizing empathy and respect. i will definitely do my part.


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