not a meditation, but close…

oh my god, i just listened to this thinking that it was a meditation, but it’s not. it’s close though…

what it was, was something that i needed to hear and now i absolutely need to act on it. it was my karma to hear this right now, tonight…

from now on i’m going to keep these concepts of desire and interpretation…memory and karma in the forefront of my mind. i’m going to strive to see things more from other perspectives, to break free from the habit/karma circle.

i’m going to work on maximizing my positive outcomes, instead of standing my ground, digging my heels in, and refusing to be anything, but right. i can review it under a different lens and have a better outcome. as much as it kind of kills me, i’m going to go out there and try to have a positive outcome with, richard, because the present negativity is killing me.

tonight’s not meditation, it’s really very short and worth the listen:


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