this morning…

…buggs and i were up with the birds…quite literally. there was a pair singing very wholehearted and enthusiastically right outside of our open window early this morning.

we decided that since we really weren’t sleeping, we should investigate. we went outside and spied the happy couple “canoodling” in the tree outside. one began a song and the other finished it. 

they appeared to be so happy and full of joy. their songs were so beautiful and they were singing for each other. they actually completed one another…one another’s songs anyway.

as we watched and listened, i thought about my mom, and how much she loved her songbirds. i’m relatively sure that she came back as one and wondered if the female happened to be her.

and i thought, “wouldn’t that be so nice for her to have finally found another that would not only let her sing, but that would also sing with her and to her.” that thought filled me with joy.

i noticed that the pair were being very active while they sang and it took me a while to figure out, that they were actually working on building a nest. spring is here and they were preparing. 

this is what the dawning of a brand day looked like, here this morning. it was quite breathtaking in a cloudy way. buggs and i took it all in, and took a nice long walk. good morning, all…


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