i used to (part two)…

i typed up a whole story, a whole post…i went to publish it and poof…it was gone…into the ethers.

i explained the reason for my irritation and abrupt end to this story yesterday. but, it’s all fucking gone.

maybe that was a sign…anyway, my sudden sadness can be best explained by the above venn diagram.

having to live two different lives, for most of my life, created two halves of one whole, with a few shared pieces.

i was always aware of this, but wasn’t aware of all of the separation of feelings, experiences, and motivations.

at least until, i gave “that me” an actual “voice” and quite honestly, i thought that she died a long time ago…

…she didn’t. she was hiding and didn’t reappear until being reminded of her former glory, as a singular concert goer.

tonight, i end here…i’m exhausted. i will absolutely finish this story, with my newest concert experience tomorrow.

venn diagram
me – two halves of one whole

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