…comes with a price. nothing is free. every choice and decision you make either costs you something or gains you something, but it doesn’t come without strings, a price, an exchange of goods/services, or a shift in personal power. if it sounds too good to be true, it is…

…a japanese puzzle is illustrative of my point. one piece slides to fill another’s place, but the move may or may not be beneficial to the puzzle enthusiast. the move either brings the puzzler closer to a satisfactory conclusion or it throws them completely off course, and much further behind…it leaves them frustrated and befuddled…

…here i am, a piece in other people’s puzzles, sliding this way today, but that way tomorrow…never in the easiest or most logical manner, many times leaving me frustrated and befuddled, and many times at the cost of boundaries, self-respect, or personal comfort…

…nothing…will ever change, unless i change it. i am becoming the change…


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