summer 2007 (revisited part three)…

it’s funny, because when i saw that darkroom photography was being offered during the summer of 2007, at wsu – v…i really wanted to do it, but when i saw that it was being taught by my favorite instructor, jacinda russell…it became an absolute “must do.”

i remember mentioning it to my ex and she really didn’t want to do it. she had taken a course at clark college and had no interest in standing on her feet for hours. i let her know that i planned on taking the class, with or without her. and the first day of class, we were both there.

i was so excited!! i just remember being like a sponge and soaking everything up. i was exhilarated and i wanted to do well…no, that’s not true!! i wanted to be better than everyone else in the class. i know that i certainly wasn’t, but that was my goal with each exercise. 

the first assignment was entitled, common object, uncommon place. jacinda wanted three photos in the series that depicted items that were common and readily identifiable, in strange or uncommon places. this series of three were first film photographs.

they were completely shot using a manual canon camera, with 35mm film. i cracked the canisters, threaded and spooled the film, developed-dried-and-cut the negatives, focused-enlarged-and-printed the photos, and emulsified-rinsed-squeegeed-and-dried the prints.

common objects, uncommon place:

banana peel on top of the trashcan
hazmat invoice in a field
(my dog’s) dieter’s tail

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