happy birthday, to my littlest lady…

hey m****m…happy birthday, little lady!! it’s so hard for me to believe that you’re already four, time is moving so very fast. in fact, it seems to be spinning out of control for your “old auntie k.”

i can’t believe what a fantastic grasp you’ve developed for language and communication. you’ve always been very verbal and vocal, but when we spoke earlier, you were wonderfully verbose!!

i loved the words that you chose and the way that you picked beautiful descriptors to pair with the mundane, to make your point in a unique way. you’re a girl after my own heart!!

i’ve missed seeing you and spending time with you. i miss having you talk off both of my arms and legs, while grabbing my face, looking directly into my eyes, and searching my face for a reaction. 

i’ve always been absolutely amazed at your inate ability to be able to find youtube on any device and find the bands/songs that you were looking for, without being able to read.

i always loved listening to you sing along with your favorite songs, and was astounded that you knew all of the words. i love that music is your thing!! it makes you so special and gifted.

m****m, please know that i love you and miss you. when we see each other next, we’ll have a celebration. i’m so proud of you for being a wonderful, smart, entertaining, and kind little lady.

happy birthday!!


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