summer 2007 (revisited part one)…

my time at washington state university – vancouver was some of my most cherished, worthwhile, and memorable time on earth.

i felt vital. i felt fully alive. i felt completely confident in myself and my abilities. people liked and respected me. i did the best work of my life.

i was challenged to do my very best, take risks, and push myself out of my comfort zone. i was given carte blanche to use my thoughts, ideas, and words.

i was expected to do things differently, as i saw things from a different perspective than others. i was expected to shock and push the envelope. 

those were all things that i did and i revelled in each exercise. i photographed sexually explicit mannequins through the window of a sex shop, for example. 

i allowed my ex to photograph me sans clothing, for her final project. i sat in class and listened as those photos were critiqued. i saw people staring at me. 

i had bravado and ego, without being obnoxious. i learned so much from my darkroom teacher, jacinda russell. i always did my very best, in her classes.

she very subtly encouraged me to go beyond myself, to think abstractly, incorporate the unexpected and absurd, and to be fantastically real and unreal.

this series of posts will feature the photos that i made in her darkroom class, during the summer of 2007. this series is self-portraits.

during this time, i was rather obsessed with taking photos of my reflections in things…in anything. some of these, well actually all of these reflect that point.

i shot these on film. i developed the film. i dried and cut the negatives. i focused, enlarged, and printed the photos. i watched as they appeared on the paper, slowly and magically. i rinsed and squeegeed them. i dried them. i cut mats for them and mounted them. i presented them with one my trademark, rambling stories to my teacher and peers. i listened to my critiques and grew by leaps, and bounds…as a student, a peer, a thinker, a photographer, and a person. i was an absolutely whole, vivacious, independent, and healthy woman. i was a fierce leo that really knew how to roar.

bed head
in my sunglasses
in the makeup mirror
in the side mirror, with cigarette

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