daylight savings time…

my mom loved daylight savings time. she loved setting the clock ahead an hour…”spring ahead, fall back.” she loved getting up earlier. and, she loved that extra hour of daylight…it gave her time to work in her yard and garden.

my mom knew that i hated daylight savings time. i’ve just never liked having to get up an hour earlier, or understood why we have to do it. arizona doesn’t participate in daylight savings time. i really don’t care about the extra light.

after i moved out of my parent’s house, my mom used to call me at two am, every year, when it was time to “spring ahead.” she would happily wake me up for her yearly tradition and i loved it. she always got such a kick out of it.

the phone would ring and i would answer it, very grogily. she would be very upbeat and chipper, and would say, “good morning!! i just wanted to tell you that i love you  and that the days are getting longer.”

daylight savings time begins at two am on sunday, march 12. the days will begin to get longer and we’ll get an hour more, of daylight. i miss my mom. i wish that i could receive, just one more of her yearly ritual phone calls. i miss her and them.


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