…on my way to therapy, i had to stop and get gas, which made me run about ten minutes behind my normal schedule. i was a bit frustrated and tried to drive faster, but traffic was heavier than usual, so, i just backed off.

i was listening to music and enjoying my ride, when for the second time in two days, i was nearly run off the freeway by a speeding, highway patrol car. i had no where to go and very narrowly missed side swiping the vehicle next to me. 

it scared the shit out of me and i was momentarily a little bit shaken. the traffic slowed to a crawl and i began noticing a firetruck, an ambulance, many highway patrol cars, and the police helicopter flying above the freeway.

i began taking photos, because i was barely moving and i didn’t think that it was dangerous. eventually, i came onto the scene of an accident. a truck had flipped over and landed cab-side down. i never heard if anyone was injured.

i just couldn’t help but to be grateful, that i had been running late, or otherwise, that could have been me in all of my haste and impatience. i know that things happen for a reason, sometimes i just forget that though.


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