it was a beautiful day…

…for a car wash. thursday was completely fantastic…not too hot, not too cold…perfect 72° and sunny. the sky was blue, with no smog.

i’ve been using richard’s crv a lot. i decided to surprise him, and got it washed. i drove over, paid, and got in line, with many others.

everyone in henderson seemed to have the same idea and the same dirty, dusty, dried, desert dirt on their cars. it was quite an interesting scene.

there were business guys, soccer moms, elderly couples, and me. we were all there for the same reason, to get our filthy cars clean and that’s what we did.

somehow, i forgot how much i always enjoyed going through the car wash. i guess that it speaks to the “big kid” inside of me, that has endless curiosity. 

of course, i had to get out my camera and photograph everything. i made a few really abstract photos that look like they could be paintings. i liked them.

i also really liked the panoramic photo that i shot of the guy with the chamois. it was cool how he just magically appeared in the same photo twice.

when it comes down to it, i’m a very simple girl, very easy to please. it doesn’t take much to make me happy, or to keep me occupied.


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