just another number…

(my sister told me this to make me feel better about a healthcare matter, earlier…and, to some extent it made me feel better…to not take business relationships, personally.)

as my sister just told me…i am just another number…a nameless, faceless digit. 

i am not cared about…i am only a paycheck. 

other than that, there is nothing even remotely fascinating, interesting, or redeeming about me. 

i am neither special, nor remarkable in any way. 

i am client. i am customer. i am chattel.

when i am gone, i won’t be missed, as another number, with a more exciting disorder, and better insurance…will slide right in and replace me.

i am erasable. i am expendable. i am banished to the ethers.

fired. sacrificed. loosed.

gone. vanished. poof.

fuck it…


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