yesterday (technically part three)…

when i woke up yesterday morning, i was determined that it would be a great day, regardless of anything. i felt really physically good and strong. mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…i was craving adventure, a “winter-ish picnic,” and “jones-ing” for art and beauty.

i grabbed my lucky, chartreuse boxers from the “unders” drawer. (lucky because i saw only the second shooting star of my life, in those boxers…and, i wrote a lovely piece about it.) i got dressed in my new, smaller shorts, put my kismet on, fixed my hair, and left the apartment feeling good.

here’s the part, where i skip to, “yesterday, technically part three.” it was a beautiful, “winter-ish,” windy, but sunny day. i arrived in the arts district, also known as, “18b.” it’s called “18b,” because it consists of 18 city blocks. street art, murals, graffiti, sculptures, stencil art, etc…tie the entire community together and create a clear separation, between glitz, glamour, and gambling…and, chic, trendy, hipster, retro, artsy.

i was outdoors, soaking up vitamin d, enjoying every square inch, of each block. i stood, walked, bent, crouched, stretched, squatted, reached, and held my camera for more than two hours. i was in my element. i was exhilarated. i was excited that i could physically do, whatever i wanted to…whatever i asked of my body. i couldn’t do that a year ago. 


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