yesterday (technically, part two)…

yesterday was two completely different stories actually. i will begin with the light, bright, colorful, super-duper happy one. so anyway, i guess that we should technically call this, “yesterday, part two.”

after, “yesterday, part one,” i decided to do something that would feed my spirit and amplify my level of joy. so (speaking to my phone), i said, “okay google, take me to the arts district.” and she replied,”okay, i am calculating the fastest route.”

very quickly, i came upon the most wondrous and beautiful sight, to my right…the holsum bread building…so many, beautiful words, with different typography, and brilliant, neon colors. that was how i felt about it in the daylight…i would probably come undone, to see it at night, all aglow. however, i wasn’t prepared to stop and didn’t get a shot.

the holsum bread building – this is not my shot

so, my gps gal directed me to make a left onto art way. i did. then, she instructed me to do something that i didn’t want to do, so, i dismissed her. all i could see were cacti, a beautiful row of cacti and next to the cacti…there was art and free parking. i spun around in a circle and saw something wonderful, at each degree. i made the crv honk and set out on foot.

after ogling the cacti, i walked to the street corner of casino center drive and art way. there i found an interesting, triad of pieces by guerrilla artz. it was comprised of a heart, a rooster (that i wanted to make my own), and a facial abstraction. i took a photo of the streetsign and intersection. then, i spied an electrical box, also by guerrilla artz…a face, with red lips.

as i walked back past the cacti and retraced my footsteps, i saw a little stencil art/sidewalk art on the ground. it said simply, “protect yo heart.” and, in that moment that statement resonated with my soul. it was something that marinated within me all day. 

i came to the conclusion that physically i’m doing everything that i can to protect my heart…medication, diet, exercise, meditation, and therapy. but emotionally, i’ve been quite careless with my heart. throwing it at people, who don’t want it/don’t deserve it, and begging them to take it. however, i’m working on ways to protect my heart, without it becoming jaded, cold, or losing it’s special-ness.

as i walked along, i saw a bar called, “artifice.” i loved the cartoony portraiture signs, coupled with the retro-stylized neon. i wished that it would have been nighttime, so i could’ve seen it, but i’ll go back. next door to “artifice,” was a theatre, and the arts square. across the street, was the “downtown crown,” the “donation station to end homelessness,” and “the arts factory.”


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