(the thirteen) an abstract collage…

these are the thirteen that make me, me right now…some of them wonderful new discoveries, some of them timeless, old friends…and kudos, to seventy-one year old, debbie harry, who’s still got great looks and moves to match…i can only imagine what a big kick, andy warhol, would have gotten out of seeing her perform again.

also, as with everything that i do…there is a method to my madness…and, a story buried inside all of the details…there always is. my stories are meant to be personal experiences for both the reader and the writer…and perhaps you’ll read a story that i really haven’t written at all. or maybe, you’ll read the one that i wrote for each of us, who knows.

you are all welcome to try to figure it out, or rather, try to figure me out…because i’m still trying…any thoughts, ideas, feedback, comments, theories, or stories of your own…are always very welcome, read, and responded to, in the order that they’re received. and i know…that everyone knows how to get my attention quickly…tell me a story of your own.

p.s. think abstractly…as this is merely an abstract collage…everything cut up, thrown into the air, and attached where it fell randomly…but, certain bits and pieces are definitely mine…certainly not all, just the ones that matter to me. and, if you want to try to figure me out…you need to decide which information is pertinent and which is extraneous.


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