tonight’s meditation…

everyone in the apartment seems to be feeling the effects of the flu. we are all sore, achy, headachy, and feverish…on and off. i’m still not feeling good enough to get on the floor and exercise, so, there is no playlist again tonight.

tonight’s meditation is about mastering your internal dialogue and manifestation of your desires. as my therapist, sherpa introduced into my emdr session…i can get what i want. 

yes, absolutely, of course i can…and, i will!! but, it’s going to take some real work on my part. yes, i have come so far, but i near to dig deeper. i’ve improved my internal dialogue, immensely over the last year, but i need to go further.

here is a link that’s very helpful for me to read over and over…especially when i find myself getting stuck, or not continuing to move forward. these are six tips to master your internal dialogue. 

in a nutshell: 1.) spend time in silence, meditate. 2.) cultivate and try to live in gratitude. 3.) actively avoid negativity. 4.) use your positive affirmations. 5.) practice impeccable speech and behavior. 6.) remember your true nature.

here are the six tips for mastering your internal dialogue.

tonight’s meditation:


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