more photos…

…from the drive-by tourist. 

wendy and jenny would absolutely disown me, if they heard the next statement, that i’m about to make.

the other day, as i was driving through the arts district, downtown, and finally “the strip,” i found myself getting more and more irritated. 

but, i kept driving. driving. driving. driving. and, i just couldn’t figure out why i was not very pleased.

i mean…i was driving…i was doing what i love. i was seeing sights, hearing music, and just feeling cross.

there were plenty of people to look at. there was no traffic. i was seeing things that i had still not seen yet.

every color of the rainbow. beautiful, beautiful colors…and then, it occurred to me…

i had seen every color in the world, except for the only one that really mattered to me. 

the statement that i’d be disowned for, “I HATE GREEN LIGHTS!!” the question that followed, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY BEAUTIFUL RED LIGHTS?”

and, there you have it…


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