dog day afternoon…

i had a really great day today! i met lots of nice, new people and found out about a lot of exciting volunteer opportunities. one of them…the big brothers/big sisters organization is looking for volunteers to be big brothers/big sisters to lgbtq youth. it’s something that i’d like to do, but i really don’t know how much longer i’ll be here past two or three months…and, i don’t want to start something, get attached, and have to say “goodbye” again, to another person. fortunately, there are lots of other opportunities that interest me.

i spent my afternoon with buggs, thus making it our, “dog day afternoon.” we spent another beautiful afternoon at the bark park, in henderson, nevada. there was a great crowd today…in both the big and little dog yards. buggs spent most of his time, running up and down the fence line, with his buddy, bolt…a gorgeous, white boxer. he also got into a wrestling match with his new friend, boyd…a boston terrier. we spent two hours there. he played. i walked laps and talked to the other owners. it was warm and sunny, about 76°. before we left, a cute, “butterball,” eight month old, pug puppy named, macgregor, came in. buggs was very taken with him and showed him the “good” pee spots.

on our way back to the apartment, we stopped here and there to take a shot. so, these photos are very random. anyway, this was our, “dog day afternoon “…


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