tonight’s meditation…

tonight, there will only be a meditation. i’m exhausted from a really busy day and from walking a lot. i’m taking a night off from exercising. my muscles are sore and tired. tonight, i just want to do my meditation, revisit my emdr session from earlier, and go to bed. 

i chose this particular meditation for myself, as i have been trying to healthily and constructively deal with anger, as it crops up in my life…here and there. as i go through my journey of self-discovery, healing, growth, and change…different things come up. 

it’s akin to cleaning your house…you move things around, clean under things, and you find things that you didn’t expect to find, in places that you never expected to find them. 

you’re forced to deal with those things. you’ve got to choose what you’re going to hold onto, what you’re going to think about, and what you’re going to let go. 

that’s where i’m at. that’s what i’m doing. i’m choosing to let the anger, hurt, and pain go, so that i can make room for the “good stuff.” i want happiness, joy, and love, but with a “house” full of crap, there’s no room for it. so, i’m cleaning house.

tonight’s meditation:


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