las vegas is my oyster…

…for the time being anyway. i’ve been told that my oyster has many pearls.

…while i’m here…i’m going to search for and find, as many as i can.

…life experiences, adventures, photographs, stories, and people.

…a little mystery and intrigue is good for the soul. i’m taking the plunge.

…running off the cliff, eyes wide open. seeing everything on the way down.

…feeling my stomach fly up and then drop again, upon impact.

…sinking…steadily sinking into the depths, into the unknown. 

…only to rise again. rapidly releasing held breath. bubbles bursting all around.

…breaking through the glassy surface. head up and out, back into the ethers. 

…at which point, i’ll pack up all of my pearls and take them home.

…home is my favorite destination. home is where my heart is, and where i soon will be. 


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