tonight’s meditation and playlist…

tonight i’m going to include two meditations that go hand, in hand. they are both pretty short, but very worthwhile. 

the first one reminds me of the importance of gratitude in my life. over the last year, i’ve been doing my best to live a grateful life.

and, as a result, i’ve definitely been experiencing a new, rich, and abundant life. that doesn’t mean that everything is unicorns and rainbows, all the time. 

that just means that as i’m truly grateful for all that i have in life. i notice even more. i experience complete peace, calm, confidence, abundance, and love.

but, please know that as a very flawed human, i often times fall short and take things for granted. those are the times when my life seems to implode. 

i’m finally learning, everything comes down to balance…like yin and yang, day and night, ebb and flow…abundance is the byproduct of a balanced grateful life.
tonight’s meditations:

as always, the playlist is randomly picked from the 1200 songs, in my spotify library.

tonight’s playlist:


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