i found it…

i’ve been searching zillow and trulia, in the areas along the coast of washington state, where i will be able to afford a little house on the beach.

i began researching areas…crime rates, income, amenities, weather, outdoor environment, healthcare, and several other criteria…when living with my ex. 

in my search, i came across a builder, christian kazimir, who builds eco-luxury homes on the coast. i was taken with the design and eco-element.

he and his wife, laurie, also sell real estate and i have been on their mailing list for the last seven years, or so. i looked at their site early this morning. 

and, i found it. it was one of the beach cottages, that i had seen several years previously, that had been built by christian’s construction company. 

now i know that in all likelihood, that cute, little, beach cottage will probably sell before i have all of my ducks in a row, in the next two months…

but, it gives me that much more incentive, to work that much harder. when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter what house i get, as long as…

it’s on the beach. i don’t care if it’s a tent, a trailer, a yurt, a tire and mud home, a storage container, a manufactured, a cottage, or a house.

all i want is enough room for me, my pets, and any others that i may have in my life. i really don’t need or want anything extravagant. simple is good.

it’s exciting to know, that i’m strong and healthy, and can walk up and down the beach, without any problems. there are no doubts or worries in my mind.

i look forward to winter picnics, kite flying, beachcombing, dog walking, frisbee playing, bonfires, cookouts, stargazing, and being strong enough to give my nieces, and friends piggyback rides.

look…i found it…

here is the actual cottage link for more photos.

i found it…

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