since several people have asked…

i have been through a lot dating scams and nightmares. i have had several of my readers ask me, exactly what they should be looking for, when it comes to recognizing a “catfish.” if i can share what i know and it keeps even one person from being scammed, heartbroken, or both…i will be happy.

okay, here’s the thing…normally i keep people’s full-names and/or identities private, but these people don’t deserve that courtesy. i’m sorry, but they don’t. believe me, given the chance, they would steal your credit card or social security number, and immediately assume your identity. 

so, here is an example of the same “person” or group of people, using the same name, cut and paste email, and email address. a lot of these letters from scammers, look and sound the same. these are nearly identical emails…one sent to me on 11/16/16 and the other today 02/16/17…exactly three months apart, from the “safest,” online-dating site…compatible partners/eharmony. 

email 1, part 1
email 1, part 2
email 1, part 3
email 1, part 4
email 2, part 1
email 2, part 2
email 2, part 3
email 2, part 4

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