right now…

my previously, semi-poopy day, just got a whole lot better…a ray of sunshine, in the gloomy, grey. mind you, i love gloomy grey…but, a ray of sunshine…a singular sunbeam…that’s magical. 

hard, cracked, rough…the crispy and crunchy…barky-palm-husk, reminded me of the skin on my own hands, when i have neglected to use lotion. dry, very-very dry and scratchy…must use lotion, magic potion, elixir of youth.

the beautiful palms beckoned me. at one point, the trio were illuminated. i don’t think that i captured it…but, i oversharpened and blew the mountains up to look like a fuzzy watercolor, with blurred lines…enmeshed boundaries.

speaking of boundaries, i was told that i need to become more of a strictly, authoritarian enforcer…minding and guarding those that are mine…boundaries that is. 

i need to stop yucky speak and vulgarness before it ever even enters my ears…infiltrates my mind…and disgusts me thoroughly. i am saving up for rainy days and sunny days.

i’m stashing my cash, like a squirrel before the winter. i’m filling my portfolio, exploring the cruel landscape, rowing and walking my gut away, searching and scouring zillow and trulia, and watching my nest egg grow. 

state of washington + lender + nest egg = mortgage financing + beach house = dream realized and goal achieved. at which point, i’ll flip the one who discouraged me and told me that it would never come to fruition the motherfucking bird.

in the meantime, i have work to finish…loose ends to tie up neatly, in a bow. and, i am grateful for everything and everyone that i have in my life. i’m truly blessed.

trees. wonderful. majestic. curious. magical. i used to water all of the trees on my parents five acres, every weekend…by hand with a hose and bucket. i listened to the thompson twins, pat benatar, the cure, def leppard, omd, duran duran, and u2. all of the best people love trees.


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