happy belated valentine’s day…

well, here’s wishing all of you a very happy, belated, valentine’s day!! i hope that you enjoyed the day to the fullest. i hope that you loved and felt loved, in return. 

i gave myself the day off from writing yesterday. i wanted to fully enjoy the day and my valentine’s day date(s), as much as possible. date(s)? and you seriously thought my restriction would hold?

i’m shocked to think that you don’t have enough faith in me to believe that i couldn’t, or wouldn’t keep true to what i believe is in my very best interest…my relationship restriction. 

i absolutely can and will keep it in place, until i have healed, learned more about myself, and become more of a whole person. however, i did have three dates for valentine’s day. 

i had a “date” with my 🕵, for therapy. i had a date with buggs, to spend the afternoon at the dog park, after work. and, i had a date with myself, for dinner and a show.

i enjoyed my day and went along on my deliveries, spreading smiles and kindness throughout las vegas. and, it was really funny seeing how each smile that i put out there was returned to me. 

i had one man pull up next to me on the street to tell me that i had a really beautiful dog and then proceeded to tell me, “happy valentine’s day…i really hope that you have a great one…”

it was a very nice feeling to be on the receiving end of kindness and warmth from strangers. they really made my day. and as i went along, i returned those feelings to others. it was wonderful.

therapy was very helpful and insightful. work was very rewarding. my afternoon with buggs at the bark park, kept me smiling, exercising, and social. i picked up a subway, chopped, tuna salad…

…and, when i arrived back at the apartment,  buggs and i, spread a blanket on my bedroom floor and had a picnic dinner, while rewatching season one of, “the killing.” it was a great night.


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