my good deed for the day…

life is so weird and funny, so heartbreaking and wonderful, and also completely cyclical. everything of the greatest importance in life, goes in a circle. think about that for a minute.

day breaks and then night falls, everyday. the seasons repeat, every year. the tides come in and go back out, daily. respiration is cyclical. blood pumping through the body is a circulatory system. we are born and then we die, a circle.

today, something from my previous post (“this is for all the lonely people-conclusion”) came full circle and it made me feel very happy to be a part of it. in a small way, i was able to help another person that was in the exact same position, as i was…with the exact same person.

the second woman that i wrote about in my other post, was supposedly a unicef nurse, stationed in nigeria with her son. i sent her one-hundred-fifty-dollars to pay for the rest of her and her son’s plane fare to come and visit me. she received the money and then told me that it wasn’t enough. when i didn’t send more, she vanished.

funny though, because i continued to get matched to her over and over again, on compatible partners/eharmony (which is supposed to have built-in safeguards, bullshit!!). everytime i got matched to her, she was purportedly in a different city and state, but was the same woman. each time i got matched, i’d report her. she still showed up.

a couple of weeks ago, i received an email saying that she was once again matched to me. i thought about it for a minute and sent her a message. she didn’t remember me, which was fine. she asked me for money and i said that i didn’t have any. she told me the sob story about her ex taking everything. 

she then told me that her ex was going to be sending her money to pay for what she had taken. she told me that when she received it, her and her son would come to live with me. which i knew was a bunch of bullshit. a few days later, she asked me if her ex sent me money, if i would send it via money gram to her. i asked why her ex couldn’t send it directly to her, but she said that she didn’t know. i agreed to do so. i lied.

why did i give her my address and agree to do it? technically the last time i sent her money, she had my address, and she’s in nigeria what’s she going to do. i agreed to do it, because i thought that perhaps i could intercept money, before it got to her, and help some poor, lonely person like i was .

today, the envelope arrived. she texted me all day asking me about it, but i let her know that i was working, which i was, and when i got back to the apartment, i took buggs with me, on a walk to the mailbox, and photographed the whole process, so that i could make animations later.

sure enough, i opened the mailbox and there it was. i took it back to the apartment and happily noted that there was a name and a return address on it. i asked jenny to open the envelope and out came a check, made out to me for five-hundred-dollars. i read the memo line and it said, “god bless you.”

jenny and i scoured goggle and found the gentleman, and his phone number. i looked at his social media profiles and found what seemed to be a very kind man. probably the kind that i would be attracted to, if i were straight. he looked very much like sam elliott, with long, grey hair and a big mustache. he was sixty-six, a widower, owned a construction business, rode an indian bike, and lived in new jersey. 

i called him. he didn’t answer, so i left him a message. i told him my name and i told him that i’d received something that belonged to him. he called me shortly thereafter and i told him that what i had to say, was going to be really hard to hear. i explained everything to him and he was rather shocked. i felt really bad for him, remembering how i, myself felt realizing that it was all an illusion, knowing that i’d been scammed.

i told him that i was sorry. he told me that he appreciated me telling him the truth. i told him that i would tear up the check and text him the photos. so, i tore the check into tiny, little pieces, and put them into the trash, as jenny photographed me. then, i wrote out a text, attached the photos, and sent it. i got a text back that said, “god bless you.”

elena still doesn’t know that i talked to her mystery “ex,” or tore up the check. i’m guessing that she will start texting me, when she wakes up…which will be about two am my time. i will tell her exactly what transpired and tomorrow, i may have a post titled, “no good deed goes unpunished.” who knows. i’m done…absolutely done…with african scammers.

good deed, part one
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