working and playing tourist, in vegas…

as i’ve said before, i’ve been in the las vegas area since may of 2016…almost a year now. to me, that’s just unbelievable. the time has flown by so fast and in that time, i had only been downtown, to “the strip” once.

i went with my friend, ki, to the rio hotel and casino. we went to play glow-in-the-dark, 3-d, miniature golf at kiss (the rock band) by monster mini golf. the place was like a museum of kiss memorabilia, sold kiss merchandise, and had kiss-themed miniature golf. we had a good time and took lots of photos and of course we took cheesy selfies with the chippendale’s, gigantic photo ad. but, that was before my birthday, so in june or july.

and, that was it. my whole world up until january 2017, consisted of everything, except for “the strip.” as i’ve said before, the girls (wendy and jenny) absolutely refuse to go anywhere near it. they hate it. they bristle at the mere mention of the phrase and would never want to take me, or go with me. i think that they’re major complaints are traffic congestion, crowds of tourists, and jaywalking pedestrians. mind you, i completely understand and think that their issues are very valid.

since beginning my job, i’m starting to become really familiar with streets, landmarks, and general directions. i enjoy driving more than some people enjoy whatever their particular go to vice is (fill in the blank….chocolate, bagels, gambling, whatever…). i love getting to drive around everywhere now and getting to see, and photograph everything that i want to. i enjoy the challenge of navigating and negotiating with the other drivers and cars on the road. it makes me happy.

i see things!! all kinds of things…things that i’ve never seen before…things that i’ve seen a million times, but these things fill my day and my mind with wonderful and interesting images. as i go along each day, i make mental notes of where things are that i want to go back to later and photograph. when and as i’m able, i go back and spend a significant amount of time photographing things as i want my viewer to see them. i don’t want to lose any of the information, in the translation.

i’ve noticed that a lot of electrical boxes along the streets have been painted, or decorated all in different ways, with vivid colors, patterns, and motifs. i’ve decided that i’m going to start taking photos of them. i’m going go in chunks of city blocks and document the box, with it’s location…and then, i’m going to put together a collection and make a book through”chatbooks,” or something. who knows, maybe the las vegas chamber of commerce would get a chuckle out of the project.

anyway, i’m going to follow this post up with another, that has some of my latest photos. you’ll probably notice that most of them are rather touristy, but there are a few gems thrown in with them.


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