wake up, wake up…

years ago, when i was with kelly, i bought her this alarm clock that she talked about, everytime we delivered papers to the asian food market. funny enough, i surprised her with it on valentine’s day and when she saw it, her face lit up and she was just thrilled.

the alarm clock was a throwback to our beloved, childhood, saturday morning cartoons. the cartoon itself was called “dastardly and muttley in their flying machines.” it featured a guy named dastardly and his giggling, canine sidekick muttley. anyway, kelly loved muttley and loved the clock.

i remember that we were going to go for dinner and a night out, so, she hurriedly placed muttley on her nightstand, set the time for the alarm…two am (back then we had a single copy newspaper distributorship, servicing and collecting from stores and racks…a seven day a week business.) and we left.

we came back later, got in bed, and she knew that she had already set the alarm, so, there was no monkeying around with that. i think that we went to bed around midnight (we usually slept for two hours at night, returned home around five, ate breakfast burritos from muchas gracias, and slept from about six am until noon.).

i remember being in a deep, glorious slumber, when all of the sudden…i was jarred from my sleep by some “otherworldly” voice…that started off barking to the tune of, “how much is that doggie in the window,” then shifted to a dry-hoarse unmistakable giggle, to an endless chant of, “wake-up, wake-up…wake-up, wake-up…wake-up, wake-up…”

it wouldn’t stop and it just kept getting louder and louder, until kelly figured out where to slap him, on top of his head, to silence him. once she finally silenced him, i looked at her…in a probably very crazy-eyed manner and said, “that thing’s got to go…”

to make a very long story shorter, muttley got to stay, and he got us out of bed for years. and then one day, muttley died…that was a sad day, as we were three hours late with our newspapers. that very morning, as i delivered to that same asian market, i looked in the glass case, and i saw another muttley. i knew that we had to have him, so, out of the glass case he came.

this looks like our muttley, but ours yelled, “wake-up, wake-up,” at the end. 

a clip from “dastardly and muttley in their flying machines.”

i really don’t know what became of muttley after i left, but he was quite a character. i was up at five again this morning. buggs and i went on our pre-dawn walk. i had my coffee in a yellow m & m’s mug. i fed buggs and took my coffee outside to the patio. jenny came out and joined me. we talked for a bit. i took a couple of silly photos and then, i excused myself, because i was going to try to go back to bed.

this morning’s mug
fresh, hot, black coffee
bedhead, cpap head actually

anyway, today is already a beautiful day. i’m going to go out today and make the absolute most of it. i’m going to go to work. i’m going to take buggs to the dog park and walk laps. but most of all, i’m going to be kind and gentle to/with myself. i’m going to use my tools and i’m going to be just fine. 


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