happy birthday, to my ethel…

hey my friend…my ethel…my partner in crime…it’s your birthday today. you are now a year old and a year wiser. 

you make me laugh. you make me feel youthful. you make me smile. you and i are so damn similar. 

we are so sensitive, emotional, and passionate. we root for the underdogs. we have hope in the hopeless.

we both seek validation, kind words, and to be both helpful and useful. we listen and talk with our hearts first.

which sometimes for us can be quite volatile…each speaking and trying to understand the other, at the same time. 

oh my lord woman, when that happens, and we both meltdown…there is nothing that lingers once, “bananas,” is said.

oh my god…thank goodness, “bananas” exist…because, since we are so similar, we tend to hurt very deeply.

everyday, i wake up. i see you and i just want to kidnap you and take you out to play in the city with me, but you won’t. 

you won’t go without wendy and i understand that, but you would have so much fun…i promise!!

anyway, i see that you have been enjoying the shirt that i gave you. it looks good on you!! wear with pride…

so, that was just part of your present…i’m not buying you beer or cigarettes, but i am going to…

take you out for breakfast, somewhere we’ve never been. then, i am taking you on a photographic expedition. 

i am taking you all over the city. i am taking you and you are going to have a great time…we always do!!

anyway birthday girl, you know that i love you!! you know that you are my best friend!! and, you know that you are older.


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