happy birthday (february 2, 2017)…

well, how many different women can i possibly write about and think about in eight to twelve hours. apparently a lot…and right now, it’s kind of making my head explode. 

i hate to say this, but wendy’s birthday was on sunday…and, i never had the chance to write anything for her. oh and dear baby jesus…jenny’s birthday is on monday.

criminey…all of these aquarius ladies in my life. weird…they all just snuck up on me at once. a big cluster of them…it’s 2:04 am…and i’m going to walk around and close the circle…and say, “a cluster fuck.”

okay, well sarah…it’s now 2:06 am…and here i am, the good-fucking-humor-fairy…i am here to wish you a grand and glorious 43rd birthday. enjoy your day, make a wish, and tell my dogs that i love them…happy birthday!!

DING-DING-DING-DING-DING…oh my gosh, sarah, i have just been notified by the monkeys behind the scene at wordpress, that you birthday-girl have won the auspicious achievement award for being my 500th post…congratulations, lady!!


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