it’s been a very good day, january 31, 2017…

today has been a great day. i woke up to my little, twelve pound, bundle of joy…staring at me and waiting very patiently for me to remove my “unicorn” (the name given to my cpap mask, by m****a j *y). once removed, i was covered in doggie kisses and he began digging on my chest.

i slipped my shoes on and off we went for our first walk of the day. we took our normal route, away from our building and around, over, and through the next building over from us. we enjoyed watching as the sun came up and began illuminating our day.

we went back to our apartment and i made bugg’s some breakfast, while i poured myself a hot, cup of coffee. i took my coffee outside to the patio and enjoyed it there, while soaking up vitamin d…the old fashioned way. i played a little bit of “words with friends” and then got in the shower.

i went back to my room to get ready to go to therapy. as i was getting dressed, my phone indicated that i had a facebook message. i checked it out and was very surprised to see that it was from the one that i forgave the day before yesterday. she apologized for hurting me and i explained that i had already forgiven her.

after getting ready, bugg’s and i piled into richard’s crv, and left. as we flew down the freeway, i couldn’t help but notice all of the songs that i knew and loved…a lot of them from the time spent in iowa. and, i think that it’s really ironic, how adele just manages to pop up at the most fitting of times. 

i arrived to therapy ten minutes late, due to freeway construction. i went in and sat down. my 🕵 and i began talking about the events of the previous week, and she told me that i was hanging in there, really well. she was very surprised that i had already gotten to work on the homework that she had given me over the weekend. we discussed my relationship restriction and our intensive program.

as i was leaving therapy, i received a page from the service that i’m working for. it was a beautiful day and i was ready to work. i was supposed to go to sammy’s woodfired pizza and pick-up an order of deep fried brussel sprouts, and a small barbecued chicken pizza. i arrived, went in, and paid for the food with a corporate, pre-paid debit card. i checked to see that the order was correct and took it to the car.

i got in the car and updated the order in my phone, as being picked up, and out for delivery. i looked to see where i was delivering the food to and it gave me the address as being the kate spade store, at an address on las vegas boulevard. they provide the navigation and i just listen, and follow. bugg’s and i, however, were having a very hard time concentrating on anything except for the absolutely mouth-watering aromas coming from the back seat.

we were both drooling, but we had a job to do. our adventure and navigation system ended up taking us to “the strip.” wendy and jenny, basically never leave henderson, because they can’t stand “the strip,” or driving anywhere near it. in the eight months that i’ve been here, i’ve only been to “the strip” once, with my friend ki. the rest of my time has been spent avoiding it, because they avoid it.

well, i will tell you that today “the strip” was ours and it was absolutely glorious!! we were stopped at the corner of caesar’s palace boulevard and las vegas boulevard…and there were giant images of celine, donny and marie, penn and teller, reba with brooks and dunn, the blue man group, and mr. las vegas – wayne newton. there were the restaurants of stars like; gordon ramsey, giada, bobby flay, guy fieri, and wolfgang puck. everywhere there was something to see and i couldn’t stop looking.

my navigation had me take a left on caesar’s palace boulevard and told me that my destination would be on the right. i saw nothing but a parking lot, so, i kept going until i got to the valets outside of the forum shops. i got out and asked one of the valets where the kate spade store was located, within the labyrinth that is caesar’s palace. to my surprise, the guy was so nice, and so helpful. he pointed me in the right direction and let me in on a little helpful hint.

the jist of the hint was that valets, delivery drivers, and cabbies all stick together, and all help each other out…because, we’re “the help.” i found that to be a fascinating and fabulous bit of information. i followed his directions, turned around, went back up the hill, and made a left into that parking lot that i originally saw. i drove through the parking lot and found another valet stand and entrance. i drove up to the stand and asked a really nice female valet where the kate spade store was, and where i could park.

she was really great. she told me that i could park right there, in front of the doors, right next to the curb. she told me that she would keep her eyes on bugg’s for me and then proceeded to give me exact directions to kate spade. she told me to go in, take the escalator to the second level, and follow the spiral around, and kate spade will be on the right.

mind you now, i haven’t been inside of caesar’s palace since 1995, when i walked inside…i was a bit shocked as to the enormity of the place. i found my eyes wandering everywhere, all at once. i wanted to just start taking photos, but i remembered that i was there to deliver lunch. i easily found the escalators, got on, and tried my best not to look around, too much.

i disembarked the escalator on the second level and started walking around the enormous spiralling curve. there were so many ritzy stores, shops, and boutiques…one after another, after another. i walked a very long way and covered a lot of ground, very quickly…i was very proud of myself, when i momentarily allowed myself to think about how far, i’ve come in a year. last year at this time, i could barely walk up and down a flight of stairs to my friend’s apartment without huffing and puffing.

and then, i saw it bright and sparkly in pink, black, and white. the sign said, “kate spade, new york.” and there i was amongst hundreds of beautiful and unique handbags…of different sizes, shapes, and colors…i was kind of in heaven. i really wanted to get my phone out and start taking photos, but i restrained myself, because i knew that i still had to deliver the food.

a really nice lady caught my gaze with a smile and said, “i bet that’s for me.” i returned her smile and i said, “can you tell me the contents of this bag?” she winked at me and said, “deep fried brussel sprouts and a barbecued chicken pizza.” i laughed and said, “well, i guess that this belongs to you then.” she laughed and thanked me, and then gave me a  $10 tip. i was a happy girl and walked back to the car, as quickly as i walked to kate spade.

outside, i found the wonderful woman valet, who was watching bugg’s. she and i had a nice conversation, i got in the car and left. as i drove to my next stop, i realized how fortunate i was to have had such a good day. i realized how fortunate i am to be making between $40- $60 per hour, to be getting exercise and sightseeing. i was grateful to have had such a great day, after being hurt again. i was grateful to keep my mind and my body busy. i was grateful for meeting kind and helpful people.

today showed me that i’m worthy of being apologized to. it showed me that i’m making progress in my pursuit of becoming a whole person. it showed me that regardless of what i look like, i’m a very likable, friendly person, who attracts friendly people and conversations. and, it showed me how truly far i’ve come physically, since last year. i’m strong and healthy now. i’m confident and attractive. i’m lovable and adorable. 



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