happy birthday…

when i was in iowa. i had the privilege of meeting and spending time with, the two teenage daughters of the woman, who invited me to visit. they were wonderful children…bright, polite, and engaging. i think that their mother has done a remarkable job raising them.

i spent three weeks with them and feel badly, because i more than likely, will never see them again. that makes me really sad, because i do care about them both. i mailed a package the other day to the kids and their mother. i hope that the kids will get their gifts and enjoy them.

today, is her youngest girl’s birthday. so, i am wishing her a very happy birthday!! i am hoping that she spends her birthday surrounded by friends and family…and that her heart is full of love. i want to thank her for making me feel at home and for spending time with me. i had a lot of fun with her and her sister. she is an amazing young woman, who will become an amazing woman…i have no doubt!!

a very happy birthday to you, ***. i wish you all the best!! i picked a trio of songs for you, for your birthday.


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