i am on relationship restriction…

so, after hearing all of the details of my latest relationship. my 🕵, thinks that it’s wise to go on relationship restriction…as i ended up finding out the real reasons for the way it ended.

she wants me to do 2 months as a minimum restriction and 6 months as a maximum. i have agreed to this, because i believe that it will help me, in the long run.

we will be intensifying our focus on just plain, old, singular me. i will be pursuing my own heart, rather than others. that sounds kind of weird, but i am going to try it. 

she told me that all i need in my life right now are friends and bugg’s. so, i am going to use this time, to cultivate new friends and catch up with, and enjoy old friends.

my 🕵seems to think that if i can restrict myself from relationships for a while, that therapy and emdr, will help me to make much better choices in potential partners.


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