being a person is getting too complicated…

…time to be a unicorn.

this little gem was a gift to me from someone special. someone who challenged me to do and to be better.

it was received about a year ago, when i was negotiating the release of my personal possessions, with my ex.

when i opened my email and saw it, my frustration and irritation melted away. it was time to be a unicorn.

it’s funny, because i look back now and being a person wasn’t half as complicated then, as it is now.

now, i’m healthier, stronger wiser, lighter, more confident and adorable, and more experienced in complication.

but now, although i can walk several miles…i was an idiot who began smoking again, because i missed it and wanted to. 

now thankfully, i’ve been a nonsmoker again for almost a week, but i have bigger complications than that.

if i belonged to doctor doolittle, i’d be the push me, pull you. led in two different directions, getting nowhere.

or, if i were a peanuts character, i’d be charlie brown. exuberant and trusting – with lucy always moving the football.

some of the complications are my own doing, but others aren’t. those complications prompt unicorn status.

and if i become a unicorn…everything becomes rainbows, fuzzy stars, and scratch and sniff hearts, right…?

and if so, can i travel back in time? to an age where my heart has not yet been broken and childlike wonder abounds…

where there are puffy stickers and homemade valentines. and, getting a special one, made all the difference.

one that was simple and plain, but said, “will you be my valentine? yes, no, maybe so, check the box to the right.”

if so, it’s been almost a year since i’ve been a unicorn last and i might be up for my yearly reconsideration.

i’ve spent my year being a person growing, changing, and improving. i’ve learned a lot and i’ve done a lot.

but………………..being a person is getting too complicated…time to be a unicorn… 


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