i went to my bedroom quite early, about 9:15 pm. i’ve begun a new ritual every night before going to bed.

i’ve begun stretching, doing some yoga, planking, doing sit-ups and crunches, and using resistance bands.

i’m walking during the day to get my cardio in and then doing strengthening and toning at night. 

the combination of the two forms of exercise really gives my body a better workout and tires me out for bed.

i’ve also reintroduced something that i’ve been missing and really needing the last few months…meditation. 

i guess in all of the hubbub of my new surroundings and living situation, i allowed it to fall by the wayside. 

i feel like i’ve done myself a great disservice, but now i’ve started back up and am back in the swing of things. 

meditation has been both so healing and so centering for me, without it, my body winds down, wears out, and gets sick.

it helps with my mood and quiets my restless, chattering mind that never sleeps completely. 

it helps me to fully relax and get a good night of sleep. it keeps me from having bad and lucid dreams for the most part.

tonight, i had a really great one. it focused on using your own thoughts and energy, to heal your body.

after twenty minutes of awareness of only my heartbeat, i was able to focus attention to my foot pain and it lessened.

as i sit here now writing, it’s completely gone. the centering thoughts were: i am perfection. i am worthy. i am healed.


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