practicing patience is a purposeful process…

something happens when you have something in your mind and something in your heart, and the two conflict. 

sometimes walls come crashing down, only to get built back up quickly. vulnerability can be a sadistic mistress. 

trust is earned over time. it grows as actions match words. inconsistencies are the root of doubt and a red flag.

relationships grow with knowledge, work, and time…time to be individuals and time to be a couple…quality time. 

it’s a scary thing to surrender your heart to another, especially if you’ve been hurt or betrayed by the one that you loved.

a virtuous heart is worth waiting for. taking time to fully vet and know a potential mate is a precious process.

true love is selfless. it’s giving of oneself without condition or expectation. it’s meeting your other halfway everyday.

love is patience, gentleness, kindness, joy, happiness, support, understanding, honesty, respect, honor, and loyalty. 

this kind of love endures and bares all things. this kind of love casts out all fear, doubt, and question. 


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