counting stars…

after asking me to send photos of myself, showing my face, without them being sexually explicit or creepy…i figured two things…1.) the person that i was dealing with was indeed “real” and not a ghanaian or nigerian…2.) the person that i was dealing with possessed intelligence and substance.

i answered this seemingly “real” person by saying, “absolutely” and sending six photographs of myself. after thinking for a moment, i sent a follow-up email that said, “quid pro quo,” to see if she knew what it meant and indeed, she did. we vetted one another, making sure that each other were “real” and worthy of each others time.

apparently, my photos and brief blurb must have done the trick, because i received a brief email back from her. it read, “what to write?? today, lots of things made me smile, but right now the stars are amazing…😁.” that was my first glimpse into an amazing, cat-eye glasses wearing…seattle native, iowa transplant…retro-style woman.

as we began conversing, i found that this woman had a mind very much akin to my own. i quickly realized that our thought processes and mental acuity were like mollusk shells, which spiral from the inside out and contain many compartments, ranging in size from small to large.

as conversations progressed, i began to notice just how similar, but different we really were from each other. the fact that each of us were so brilliant, was illustrated by each “compartment,” that we opened to share with the other. to me, each “compartment” that she opened up was a special and unique gift, which brought me that much closer to her “inner-most” self. 

so things progressed in a cautious, yet expedient manner. we continued learning about one another, being absolutely vulnerable and willing to be hurt, while knowing and trusting that the other would not cause us injury. we learned so much about each other, by talking almost eight hours a day. i’m guessing that we talked to each other for about 200+ hours, before deciding to meet.

i arrived in iowa with hope, but realistic expectations. i knew and understood that there were no guarantees in life. i also knew that just because we hit it off intellectually and emotionally over the phone, that it didn’t mean that we would hit it off in person. i have to admit that when i arrived in greenfield…i had butterflies in my stomach and a bad case of nerves (after getting lost in des moines).

i drove around for a bit, until she called me and told me that, she thought that she had seen me. i had a hard time finding her house, so, she waited on her front porch for me, doing her best princess wave. i saw her out there. the snow was gently falling. the night was black and freezing cold. she came to my door and waited for me with a coat. i grabbed her and hugged her instead of taking it.

as i grabbed my bags and headed inside…i couldn’t help but see the stars, they were amazing…more amazing in fact, than any others that i’ve seen before. the stars above greenfield, iowa…shown brighter and way more brilliantly than those in san diego, california…vancouver, washington…park city, montana…or las vegas, nevada.

the other evening, we were sitting in her backyard, in some metal, 1950’s, outdoor, motel chairs. i looked at her and grabbed her hand. i looked up at the clear, starry sky and started to speak. i said, “no matter what ends up happening…i will never forget this night. i will always remember the amazing stars in the sky…” i was looking up at the stars, as i was talking. as i was watching the sky…speaking…i saw the most glorious sight!! i saw a shooting star. 

she didn’t see it, but i did. the star left a fuchsia colored trail, as it shot across the sky. it was truly amazing!! after that, there was really no point in finishing what i was saying. the event, the night and the woman, all took my breath away. i was surrounded by beauty. i was truly captivated, immersed, and engaged. i soaked everything up, with my senses and made a mental note of the evening.

there we sat…together. it was 29° and there we sat. she was wearing an old pair of carhartt coveralls and i was wearing chartreuse boxers, and a black t-shirt. we were happy, content, and satisfied. the christmas shopping was done. the dogs were fed and pottied. the sky was full. and, there we sat…counting stars.



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