december 25, 2016 (merry christmas)…

my life has been a whirlwind since about thanksgiving. i never thought that after eating thanksgiving dinner in nevada…i would be in iowa, getting ready to partake of christmas dinner, with three precious souls…whom i have come to love and care for. 

things happen in mysterious ways. things happen within the time and space, of the blink of an eye. curious things, bizarre things, incomprehensible things…the universe works in very strange and wonderful ways. 

i’m sitting here right now, in a toasty warm living room…a beautiful christmas tree in front of me, a happy and satisfied preteen to my left, a sleepy-tired teenager napping to my right, two dogs of the same name curled up together under my feet, and my ****** *** resting in the next room.

i can’t really begin to fathom how i got here to this point, or why i made it. all i really know is that it has a lot to do with gratitude and doing my best everyday to live a grateful life…in spite of distractions, problems, and turmoil. i’ve found that abundance is the wonderful by-product of living in gratitude.

in this moment of my life, i’m experiencing the type of abundance, that i never ever believed was anywhere in the realm of possibility for me and my life. i have to say that i never saw any of this coming. i was totally and completely blindsided by the universe.

as i sit for a moment to rest, catch my breath, and reflect on the last four weeks…i realize that i’m in a position that i’m extremely unfamiliar with. right now in this moment, i have everything and everyone that i want and need, right here with me. i got my own way. i got what i wanted, needed, and yearned for. 

i’ve been given an abundant life. i asked a simple question a few weeks ago, in one of my posts. it was, “what are the chances?” the short answer to that question is that the chances, statistically speaking, are less than one in a million…

…that i could meet and fall in love with a beautiful, intelligent, amazing woman who is truly and legally named, with the same first and middle name as my sister. that this woman’s dog and my dog, have and answer to the same name. that this woman’s children actually did find a christmas ornament in their basement, with my name on it, and hung it on their tree. yes, those are some very slim odds…

…however, those facts are all true. my truth is that one in a million…that ever elusive needle in the haystack…statistically nearly mathematically improbable. and, as for weird as that all is…everyday, comes a new shocking discovery.

while out christmas shopping the other day, we saw a liberty orchards box and both started talking at the same time about cashmere, washington…the aplet/cotlet factory and tour…and, our memories and recollections of both. the information was both atypical and obscure, especially considering that cashmere, washington is such a tiny, little blip on the radar.

it turned out, that her mother was born and raised there and my parents owned a pear and apple orchard there. both of us had ties to cashmere, eastern washington, and the aplet/cotlet factory. (we have each been on tons of tours. also, my sister always swore that one day, she would go back and buy the factory.) 

coincidental, sure perhaps, but maybe not. maybe coincidence flew out the window after the first three things were proven. maybe this is the universe’s way of validating and revalidating me…leaving nothing to chance, question, or discussion…no hemming or hawing, no beating around the bush, and no self-doubt.

i have experienced kindness and concern, on levels that i never have known before. i am comfortable with myself and with her…there is an ease and familiarity, in her presence, speech, humor, intellect, and touch. i am safe with her…i don’t worry about the “what-if’s.” i don’t feel unhealthy, handicapped, or incapable in her presence. and, i don’t feel overweight, unattractive, or undesirable to her.

i am grateful today, for her and her beautiful family, for iowa and the beauty to be found here, for all of my friends and family, my dog, and for that one person who got me to care more about my health, strength, and nutrition. merry christmas to all…



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