my eyes have seen the glory…

as i go on about my journey, there are more and more things to be grateful for. i’m now living an abundant life, as i fulfill my simple purpose of kindness. 

i strive to be present. i’m savoring those good and special moments, that in the past, i’ve taken for granted. i’ve grown and changed. i’m confident in myself.

everyday i learn something new. i allow myself to remain positive and open minded. i’ve learned from my past errors and don’t intend to repeat them.

being here in greenfield, iowa…has been a big, fucking adventure for both me and my dog. it has been so good to expand my horizons and thought processes.

i’m challenged to be my best on a daily basis. i’m forced to go outside of all that i know, believe, and feel. i find myself an active participant, no longer an observer.

here, i have complete freedom. freedom to become, to discuss, to converse…all openly, freely, and honestly. words and vocabulary are embraced. i feel nurtured.

happiness and joy can be found in cooking together, sitting down and sharing a meal, or a shopping trip to the local dollar general or shopko.

i feel safe within my chosen bubble. i’m valued, included, and cared for. i’m neither an after thought, nor an inconvenience. my feelings matter.

yesterday, my friend and i drove to des moines, in tandem. we were returning my rental car. i lead the way, with my friend following me. 

it was an absolutely beautiful day, after having some really cold yucky days. the sun was beginning to set, as we drove. the sky began turning pastel colors.

the sunlight was like no other light that i’ve seen before…ethereal, soft, transformative. i couldn’t help myself. i kept turning around to watch the sunset.

although those moves put me in the middle of the highway, it was worth it. i stared into the light to remember, to sear it into my brain. 

my eyes have seen the glory and i’ll never be the same…

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