rewind: setting out on adventure…

december 15, 2016: 

7:00 am – popped out of bed, showered, and got dressed. wore checkerboard vans, khaki cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. 

7:30 am – left house, with Buggs’s in tow.

8:00 am – arrived at complete medical consultants. picked up emotional support animal letter to go with my 🕵’s letter, for the airline.

8:30 am – arrived at flamingo and decatur, to sell flowerbomb perfume. contacted woman, took her quite a long time to come out of townhouse. she came to car, asking if i had change for $100. i didn’t, but gave her a ride to the store to get the bill broken. she gave me $50 and told me to leave her there, so that i could catch my flight.

9:00 am – back at apartment. ran around grabbing last minute items for bugg’s. made sure that my suitcase weighed no more than 40 pounds.

10:00 am – richard and i went to banks.

11:00 am – richard dropped bugg’s and i off at terminal 1, of the mc carran airport, in las vegas.

11:15 am – bugg’s and i checked in at the allegiant airlines counter and checked one bag. requested help to get through security and to gate with dog.

12:45 pm – taken through security with bugg’s…hectic, a bit traumatic, and really confusing. it was a good thing that i wore my slip-on, checkerboard vans. bugg’s was checked out thoroughly and was none too thrilled.

1:15 pm – arrived at gate a-12. reserved rental car and paid for it. talked to and texted friends and family.

2:30 pm – pre-boarded allegiant flight 496 for des moines, iowa. bugg’s and i had row 14, seats a and b. he requested the window seat and i took the aisle.

3:07 pm – with bugg’s fast asleep in his seat, wrapped up in my thermal shirt, the plane took off and he slept right through it.

4:10 pm (las vegas time) – the pilot made an announcement over the loudspeaker that woke bugg’s up and scared him. he proceeded to climb me and sit on my chest like a gargoyle. he sat and watched the people in the row behind us for awhile, until the pilot spoke over the loudspeaker again.

7:43 pm (des moines time) – bugg’s and i arrived in iowa. we touched down quickly and easily. we deplaned and he was very excited to be on firm ground again.

8:00 pm – we were assisted to the baggage department for our bag and then over to dollar/thrifty for our rental car, a white, 4-d, toyota, yaris. the nice lady gave me a paper map, showing vaguely how to get from des moines to greenfield. she also gave me the rental agreement and the key. the car would be found in one of the outside lots…in row f-49. bugg’s and i would have to find it ourselves, because they don’t do that.

8:30 pm – bugg’s and i head outside in below freezing weather, with cold gusting wind. i was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. bugg’s had a sweater on. we had a big, red, rolling suitcase, a green carry-on, and a black shoulder bag. we looked everywhere. we walked nearly a mile and we walked for more than an hour, before finally finding the car. my fingers were frozen and hurt so bad. it hurt to hold the keys and unlock the door, but finally got it open. i helped bugg’s inside, threw the bags in, and hurriedly put myself in. i cranked up the heat and defroster, wrapped bugg’s in my thermal shirt, and thawed my frozen digits.

9:45 – i realized that my phone was completely dead…i had no verizon navigation system, just the vague paper map from the lady at dollar/thrifty car rental. all that i could ascertain from the map was that i could get there via 35 south or 80 west. i started the car and started driving. i got so lost!! one time heading to kansas city, mo. one time heading to knoxville, in. there was ice on the road, the car windshield would not stay defrosted, so i had to keep wiping it off with my hand. i noticed that there was a usb hub hiding in the car console and plugged my phone in. still lost, I drove by the zoo, the capital building, and all through downtown des moines.

10:45 pm – phone charged to 3%, enough to get directions out of downtown des moines and headed toward greenfield. phone died again. drove as fast as i could, in the dark, without really being able to see. 

11:00 pm – received phone call from my friend. she was checking to see if i was okay since i was already about three hours late and i had sent her a text earlier that said, “in car. lost. cold.” she talked to me while i drove, giving me a renewed spirit and enthusiasm to reach greenfield…to reach her. my phone died again.

11:30 pm – reached greenfield. bugg’s and i were exhausted, hungry, and nervous. after all, we had never been to iowa before. i drove around a little to drive the nerves off…intentionally avoiding where i was going and whom i was going to. i was’t quite ready.

11:45 pm – my friend called and asked if i was in greenfield. i said that i was and began heading down her street. i couldn’t find her, she was on her porch waiting and watching for me. she said, “hey, i think that you just past me. i saw lights.” i told her that i didn’t see her. she told me that she would do the princess wave, until i saw her. it was then that i first saw her. she was in her pajamas, all bundled up in a blanket, holding something. she met me at my door and said, “jenny texted me that you left vegas in shorts and a t-shirt. she wanted me to make sure that you had a warm coat. and there she was…trying to put a coat on me. instead of putting it on, i hugged her instead. it was a very nice hug, a warm hug. she grabbed one of my bags and told me that her girl’s would be out to get the rest. i was grateful for the offer, but grabbed the other two bags and mr. bugg’s.

12:00 am – once in the light of the dining room, bugg’s down, and bags down…there was another hug…a warmer, longer, and squishier hug.

12:07 pm – dinner was served. my friend made homemade chili and cornbread…gluten-free, with peppers, corn, and onions. it was absolutely delicious.

1:11 am – sat and talked with my friend and her family. met her dog, whose name is bug. bug is a great dane/standard poodle mix. she and bugg’s got acquainted and began to play.

3:03 am – sleepy nighties.

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