i don’t remember exactly…

what happened last night.

i remember watching someone who might, or might not have been me.

outside or the patio, shivering, feet jerking around, feeling like they were on fire.

pain…electrical shooting pain. nerves and synapses misfiring…throbbing.

ignore it, ignore it, ignore it…the pain isn’t real, it’s a phantom.

fuck it…i can make a single joint last for two months and i’ve had this one for three.

lucy diamond, at your service, ready to make you feel nothing and something, and great.

you may or may not remember, except for black and white photographs, very much like film stills.

looming over, lingering under. floating in the ocean, bobbing up and down.

the hungries hit hard, what to eat. looking and searching for nibbles.

pasta, not on my diet, but who gives a fuck, who’ll know. who’ll tell.

and suddenly, looking down at my hand, is my phone and a familiar face, just watching…me.

watching me take plain, cold pasta from the fridge, douse it with soy sauce, and proceed to eat it.

the phone in my hand is laughing at me. i guess that’s it’s actually the person, but still laughing.

oh god, nevada…what’s that running across the table, gunning for my pasta?

a roach, a motherfucking roach…and i showed the person on the phone.

she was just disgusted…so was i, but i was more hungry than anything.

i took my phone person to the fridge and somehow got disconnected.

stole richard’s chocolate chunk cookies, what can i say? they seem to have a very short shelf life.

bed, bed, bed…heavy head, falling into pillow…waiting for phone to charge…it rings.

it’s two-thirty-two am and my tired phone rings a familiar ring.

“hey…what happened?” i explained using simple words, “phone dead.”

i wanted to listen, to hear her voice, talking, whispering, laughing.

she told me that i was cute, snoring, talking nonsense, oh-so sleepy.

when i get like that, she has a name for that person, minerva.

minerva is silly, suggestible, sleepy, and sassy. she never wants to hang up and stop talking.

she’s quite content to fall asleep while listening and trying to answer questions.

always forgetting and getting stuck along the way…giggling comes from the other end of the phone.

last night, both ends, both parties, felt none of their pain, and ended up falling asleep giggling.            


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