thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. i don’t know if it’s because of the food, the football, or the company of those that we love. 

it may be because it always falls on the third thurday of november…when the air is crisp, it gets darker earlier, and there’s plenty of leaves to rake.

it may be because of my grandma and the care that she put in to decorating her table just right…adding more leaves and moving rogue pine cones.

it may be because of my mother, who performed this labor of love, for us each year having to smell the food, taste it, season it to perfection, and not partake.

it could be the warmth from the kitchen. the smell of brussel sprouts roasting, colliding with the spices hanging in the air…cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg.

it may be getting out the fine china and crystal goblets…using the real silver, silverware…folding the linen napkins up in the shape of turkeys.

it could be having to set two tables. the big, fancy, victorian table for the adults. and, the card table surrounded by little chairs, for the kids.

it may be getting to snack all day on “special goodies”…chips and onion dip, nachos, little smokies in barbeque sauce, spinach dip, baby gherkin’s, and olives.

it may be opening the martinelli’s sparkling cider or the egg nog. maybe it’s the fresh hot pumpkin or pecan pies, waiting patiently for their rediwhip.

it may be that my heart becomes full and overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness. maybe that’s because it’s full of love and appreciation, just waiting.

it very well could have to do with the feeling of being “home.” to me, i think that has a lot to do with it, but, i haven’t experienced that true sense, in years.

i was hoping to have that this year. i was hoping to start some new thanksgiving day traditions, with a family of my own, in a home of my own, someplace new.

maybe next year. this year, it’s me, martinelli’s, and reflective thinking. really being focused on what and whom, i’m grateful for or to.


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