this is how i try to clear my head…

i’m waiting to have a one to one talk with my ex, so, that we can talk about, austin. my plan right now, is to go to spend some time with him and be there with him, as he passes…then, see him off on his journey, at the crematory, as we have done with all of our other pets. go to ikea for $1 breakfast and then, go back and pick up his cremains. and finally, take him with me (sharing ashes and fur, with my ex).

if she doesn’t want to do this with me, i will either arrange for it and do it myself, or i will ask a friend. 

i’m hurting and trying to deal with my grief, the best way that i know how.

my newest project, not done yet (photos not the best) – henderson, nv – november 19, 2016

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