election day playlist…

i will breathe a sigh of relief, when this election is over. i say,”may the best blonde win…good luck…do a good fucking job…please don’t take away my disability benefits…other than that let me live my life…chose whom i want to love and if i want to marry them.” 

i will be happy when i’m no longer barraged with hateful commercials, from both sides, everytime i turn on the tv. thank god, for netflix and hulu. 

i will be so overjoyed, when i can look at facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram, without seeing either candidate, or their dogmatic rhetoric.

to me, this election signals, that life as we know it now, in this country…will be changed forever. i don’t know if it will be for the greater good, or for the worst…but, it will never be the same.

the important thing, is to get out there and vote. vote for the candidate, that you want to be your president, for the next four years. vote your conscience and exercise your right to choose. someday, you may not be able to.

these are some songs that came to mind, when i was thinking about, this election. i have respect for each candidate, and mean no disrespect to either one, or for any of their supporters. 

this is my way of blowing off my excess steam, that has been building, during this election year. i mean nothing other than to amuse myself.


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