the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:11…

​when we last left, molly…

molly pinched herself, on her right leg. juniper saw her, winked, and asked,”what’s the verdict, san felipe? is this a dream? or, is this the real thing?” molly giggled to herself and replied,”i’m pretty sure that, this is the real thing…”

from the rooftop deck, molly and juniper, could see the flickering lights, of the city of san diego. juniper began pointing out landmarks, to molly,”do you see those lights that follow the curve, over the ocean? that’s the coronado bay bridge. do you see that beacon of white light? that’s the old point loma lighthouse. do you see those angular green lights? that’s the emerald plaza.” 

molly was in awe. the skyline was spectacular. she was witnessing sights with childlike wonder, enthusiasm, and curiosity. she never knew that life on land, would be so exhilarating and so freeing.

and then, there was a loud roar overhead. the strings of white lights and colored flags blew fiercely. the pergola, with vining, night-blooming jasmine began to sway. and the flames from the hundred, or so, different sized, white candles danced ferociously.

whatever it was, both thrilled and terrified molly. she jumped about three feet in the air and screamed,”what was that?” molly began to fall, just as quickly as she jumped up. she was flailing around, in mid-air and was not going to land gracefully.

juniper reached out and caught her, on her way back down. molly looked at juniper with wild eyes and exclaimed,”i don’t know what that was, but that whole event was so exciting!! can we do it again?” 

juniper, still holding, molly, in her arms…chuckled, smiled, and said,”settle down, san felipe…that was an airplane flying overhead, getting ready to land, at the airport. do you see all of the little red lights over there? that’s the runway, at the airport.”

molly smiled and rested her head against, juniper’s, right shoulder. she breathed in the scent of juniper’s kismet and sighed, a very contented sigh. she thought that if she weren’t so hungry, she could just fall asleep, in juniper’s arms. she let her body relax and allowed her eyelids to close, ever so briefly.

juniper heard molly begin to breathe deeply and felt her getting ready to fall asleep. she looked down at her sleepy companion and put a kiss on her forehead, above the bridge of her nose, right between her two eyebrows. molly opened her eyes. juniper looked at her and said,”you’re a nice girl.” and, molly responded with a smile and tight hug around juniper’s neck. then she whispered,”so are you.”

“hola, amigas…,” came a voice from the other side of the door. “oh molly, i’ve got to grab the door, to let the waiter up with our food.” she put molly down gently and opened the door. “hola, amigo,” said juniper. 

the waiter pulled out a chair and seated molly, first. then, he pulled out the other chair and seated juniper. he placed a linen napkin, in each of their laps and began to serve the couple. juniper’s food all fit on one plate. molly’s food, however, required an extra table side tray to fit the five, extra plates.

“muchas gracias,” said juniper. the waiter responded,”enjoy,” and left to let the couple enjoy their meal. molly eyed the curious looking drinks, with weird, white stuff, on the edge of the glass. 

“what’s that?” molly asked. juniper said,”it’s a margarita, you should try it.” molly could smell it with her suction cups. it smelled strangely to her. she took a sip and then another sip, after three sips, it was long gone.

molly licked the white stuff off of her lips, it tasted briny, like the ocean. molly looked at juniper and said,”that was delicious, but it made me have tingles, in my tummy.” juniper replied,”that’s because it has alcohol, in it.” molly said,”oh, can i have another one…please?”

“of course…,” juniper replied. with that, she sent a text message to the bar, for two more margaritas. and then, she looked over at molly and asked,”are you hungry? shall we eat?” molly nodded an enthusiastic,”yes.” she could feel herself salivating, just looking at and smelling all of her different shrimp dishes…tacos, tostadas, burritos, and tamales.

so, until tomorrow then…


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