the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:10…

when we last left, molly…

molly could feel a smile forming, in each of her three hearts. she was happy. she was excited. she was about to be surprised. she was on an adventure. she was with juniper. she planted her feet, got her balance, squeezed juniper’s hand, and slowly opened her eyes.

it took molly’s eyes a few moments to adjust to the beautiful colors and soft lights. she breathed in deeply and held her breath, as she took advantage of the fact that her octopus eyes, could see three hundred and sixty degrees around her. molly was able to take in, the entire scene.

when molly finally let her breath out, she squealed with delight. she couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful and perfect scene. molly was overcome with emotion. her three hearts swelled with that feeling, that she was rapidly beginning to suspect, was love.

molly, still holding juniper’s hand, squeezed it and pulled juniper closer. she embraced her with a warm hug, kissed her on the cheek, and whispered,”i think that, i more than like you, too.” 

juniper looked into molly’s eyes, noticing firey, red flecks and smiled. then she said,”look molly, i don’t want you to miss this.” molly turned around and realized, that she and juniper were standing outside, on a rooftop deck…overlooking the ocean.

the sun was beginning to set and the sky was beginning to darken, as twinkling stars began to reveal themselves. the couple stood hand, in hand and watched the magnificent sunset. the sky turned orange, then pink, and then periwinkle, the shade, that they were both wearing.

juniper asked,”hey, molly…where’s your phone? let’s get some photos.” molly exclaimed,”oh my gosh…i almost forgot!!” the couple posed for numerous selfies, with the colors of the changing sky and the ocean visible, in the background.

molly stared out at the ocean and wondered about her brother’s, inky and paul. she had no way of knowing where they were, if they had cell phones, or how to get in contact with them. she still had a little more than, eleven months to go, until they would meet again, in the sea of cortez.

molly wondered about her brother’s experiences and how they compared to her own. she couldn’t have ever imagined, that her adventure would bring her, so far, so fast. 

there she found herself, on dry land (her new home), overlooking the ocean (her old home), and feeling like she, “more than liked,” a human. it was a lot to fathom, but her hearts were filled, with happiness, joy, and pride.

molly pinched herself, on her right leg. juniper saw her, winked, and asked,”what’s the verdict, san felipe? is this a dream? or, is this the real thing?” molly giggled to herself and replied,”i’m pretty sure that, this is the real thing…”

so, until tomorrow then…



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