​my advisory panel:

strategist – melissa – problem solver, multi-tasker, logical, critical thinker, planner, brainstormer, unbiased, truthful, straightforward.

cheerleader – grace – optimistic, happy, go-getter, enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging, good listener, fun to talk to and hang out with.

reality checker – wendy – questioning, listener, deep thinker, realistic, lots of real world social experience, straight-shooter, doesn’t mince words.

best friend – jenny – loyal, honest, fun to be with, supportive, silly, adventurous, a kindred spirit, a big kid like me, knowledgeable, thoughtful.

enforcer – richard – cares for me, protects me, hard as nails, repugnant in a chivalrous kind of way, loud, powerful, force to be reckoned with.

contemplater – neil – considerate, easy to talk to, caring, kind, deep thinker, helpful, eager to please, can usually fix things and find solutions easily.

playmate – erik – irreverent, colorful, daring, outrageous, adventurous, exciting, fun to be with, great storyteller, up for absolutely anything.

healer – j***** – patient, knowing, professional, soothing, creative clinician, understanding, supportive, trustworthy, entertaining, listener.


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