that day…

i’m waiting for that day.

maybe tomorrow, maybe next year.

but, that day is coming soon.

it’s right around the corner.

just past that bend.

somewhere in the distance.

eventually in my grasp.

where the past no longer matters.

nothing, but present and future abound.

someone to walk with me.

who won’t turn and run away.

she enjoys laughing, talking, sharing.

dreaming with me out loud.

she’s not at all a shy girl.

she’s perfect in everyway.

she’s not embarrassed or ashamed.

to walk and hold my hand.

to give me hugs and kisses.

whenever and wherever, she wants.

she’ll cook with me in the kitchen.

she’ll go on photographic expeditions.

i can’t wait to see her.

and, she’s coming here to me.


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