the adventures of molly the octopus: fun stories, to octopi your weary mind, before bed 2:6…

when we left molly last…

juniper laid down on her back, watching the cloud formations drift across the sky. molly laid her head down on juniper’s tummy and said, “you make a perfect pillow, even if you are soggy.” juniper giggled, which made her tummy jiggle. molly said,”settle down, juniper,” and they both fell asleep.

juniper awoke to the familiar sound of a clicking camera. she opened her eyes to see molly taking photographs of her. juniper was startled, and asked,”how long have you been up?” molly replied,”long enough to take lots of photos of you sleeping.” juniper smiled, and said,”well, i hope that you got my good side…”

molly was aching to get back to exploring her surroundings. juniper got up after lots of prompting, and off the duo went. exploring all that balboa park had to offer.

they started at the reuben h. fleet science center. where they watched a movie, “the beautiful planet,” in the omni-max theater…reclining and watching the movie unfold all around them. molly touched the sphere of electricity, and her “hair” stood straight up. on their way out, molly and juniper ate astronaut ice cream.

molly decided to go to the hoyt arboretum next. she was amazed at all of the plant, flower, and tree life held inside. it was beautiful, lush, humid, and fragrant.

birds of all colors, shapes, and sounds flew all around. they were chirping, squawking, and carrying on. molly was snapping photos of some colorful, red parrots that were eating bananas, in a banana tree. juniper sat on a bench and watched a squirrel run up a tree, with a peanut.

neither molly, nor juniper noticed that they were being eyed and snuck up on by a rather large, perfectly, plumed peacock. he strode right up behind molly, and pecked her hard on the behind. jostled and disturbed, molly reached out and smacked juniper on the top of her head.

one moment later, the peacock let out a blood curdling scream, like peacocks do. molly jumped backward and up, landing on a deaf and confused juniper, with enough force, that it propelled the bench backward, and off they slid…into the reflection pool behind them.

molly just gave juniper,”the look,”and juniper knew. juniper knew that molly was none to pleased. she extended her arm to molly. molly took one look at it, scowled, and suddenly disappeared under the water. juniper was confused. suddenly, juniper let out a yelp, and shot out of the water.

molly emerged, with her wet “hair” plastered to her face. juniper knew better than to laugh, and had to work hard to stifle it. molly moved her hair from her eyes, looked defiantly at juniper, and said,”so, now you know how it feels!!” juniper replied,”molly what are you talking about?”

“you pinched my ass, so i pinched yours,” molly said. “i did nothing of the sort!! i’ve never even touched it,” replied juniper. “well then, if you didn’t do it, who did?” asked molly. juniper responded,”well molly, it wouldn’t be the first time today, that a bird has tried to get your backside.”

with that observation, molly grabbed juniper’s legs, and yanked her back into the reflection pool. juniper was just able to say,”what the,” before her mouth was filled with water. molly was laughing hysterically, so, juniper splashed her back playfully. 

they were both in the pool oblivious to anyone else around them, including the man in green. he was telling them emphatically to get out, or be banned from the park forever. they got out slowly, as their clothes were full of water. once out, the man in green, a park ranger, let them go with a warning.

molly and juniper locked eyes for a moment, and grinned at each other. molly looked at her phone, and thanked her lucky stars that it was waterproof. she noticed the time, and felt her stomach sink. it was three-thirty-three in the afternoon. 

molly realized that at that time the next day, juniper would be long gone. she felt an emotion that she had never felt before. it was a type of sadness, she knew what sadness felt like. this felt like a hollowness or emptiness, with a crushing or tearing pain. she thought that if she couldn’t figure it out, she would ask juniper about it later. 

suddenly, molly realized that she wanted something. she asked juniper if they could just go back to the sea hag, get cleaned up, and take a little nap before going out again. juniper agreed wholeheartedly.

she walked closer to juniper, and whispered,”will you give me a piggy back ride for old times sake?” juniper smiled, stooped a bit, and turned for molly to get on. they fit together nicely, like peanut butter and jelly. 

they arrived back at the vespa. they donned their helmets, and got on. juniper started the scooter, as molly wrapped her three arms on the right-side, and three arms on the left-side, tightly around juniper. and, molly realized what it was that she wanted. she wanted to be close to juniper.

so, until tomorrow then…


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