reverse bucket list…

a reverse bucket list is things that you have done, achieved, or accomplished. i will start young and move to old.

  • learned to read and write, by age three (thanks to my mother).
  • lived in san felipe, baja california, mexico, during the summers, from age three, to age eight.
  • earned meritorious achievement awards from the bible memory association, every year from age three, to age ten.
  • learned to swim at age three (thanks to my mother).
  • wrote my very first book, in kindergarten, at age five. it was entitled,”the walking shoe.”
  • starting at age five, took the local library challenge to read one hundred books over the summer. completed the challenge every year, through age twelve.
  • took swimming training from age five to age twelve, to become a junior lifeguard.
  • learned how to read, and use a slide rule to solve mathematical problems, at age five (thanks to my dad).
  • received my first two-wheeled bike, for my fifth birthday, and never needed training wheels. the same day my grandpa, and his step-daughters, carol and ruth, taught me to ride.
  • began tutoring classmates in reading and writing, from age six (first grade) to age thirteen (eighth grade).
  • scored one hundred percent in the reading and comprehension section, and the language and spelling section, of the otis-lennon school ability test, at age eight (third grade).
  • the otis-lennon school ability test, scored my iq, as 133, at age eight (third grade).
  • from age eight (third grade), through age thirteen (eighth grade), scored in the highest percentile, for the presidential physical fitness awards.
  • from age eight (third grade) through age seventeen (grade twelve), participated (not willingly) in the awana program, at our church. memorized over five hundred bible verses, to win a trophy, and a trip to lake arrowhead, for the awana scholarship camp.
  • participated (not willingly) in the awana olympics games from age eight (third grade) to age seventeen (grade twelve). helped team to win gold medals six years in a row.
  • earned badges and awards for completing all activities, and memorization, in “stepping stones” book, through the pioneer girls organization…age eight to age ten.
  • won first place, blue ribbons for the softball throw six years in a row, during field day, at st. luke’s lutheran day school.
  • won grand champion, tom turkey at the del mar fair, at age twelve.
  • graduated from the eighth grade, at age thirteen.
  • played varsity girls softball, all four years of high school, ages thirteen through sixteen. lettered every year, and played every position, except for pitcher, during my tenure. my senior year, our team beat la jolla country day, to win the championship.
  • was a finalist, in the freedoms foundation, scholarship program, at age fourteen. i had to write an essay about valley forge.
  • got my first job, working for san diego county, as a personal care assistant for my grandma, at age fourteen.
  • began driving at age fifteen, learned on a manual transmission.
  • received my driver’s license, on my sixteenth birthday, with a perfect score.
  • joined financial federal credit union, at age sixteen, and got a car loan for five hundred dollars (thanks to my dad). 
  • at age sixteen, i bought my first car, from my was a nineteen seventy-one, yellow, toyota corona.
  • graduated from highschool, at age sixteen, with a three point five grade point average, and a five hundred dollar scholarship, to christ college irvine.
  • got accepted to both san diego state university and christ college irvine, at age sixteen.
  • at age seventeen, i had three of my poems published in china.
  • at age eighteen, i attended my first art auction, and bought a serigraph, by victor vasarely, for three hundred dollars.
  • at age eighteen, i got my second car loan, for two thousand dollars. i purchased a nineteen-seventy-seven, silver, toyota celica.
  • took job that started me on my way, down my chosen career path as a certified custom picture framer, at age eighteen, framing artwork for museums and galleries, for seven years.
  • became a manager of my first frame shop, at age eighteen.
  • at age twenty, i moved into my very first place. it was a tiny little granny shack, on blackton drive, in la mesa, california.
  • at age twenty, i adopted my first pet, as an adult. his name was john rotten, or john-john. his was a black and white kitten, who looked like he was wearing a tuxedo.
  • at age twenty-one, i took the examination, administered by the professional picture framers association, passed with a high score…and, earned the designation of cpf, certified picture framer.
  • at age twenty-two, i worked two full time jobs, both as frame shop managers.
  • at age twenty-two, i was one of twelve representatives, from all of the michael’s stores, frame shop managers across the country…to attend a two week conference, training, and certification course, held at the larson-juhl training school, in atlanta, georgia.
  • at age twenty-two, i became part of the michael’s stores frame shops, corporate conversion and new store set-up team members. i converted my san diego stores, from leewards to michael’s. was also sent to hillsboro, oregon…to convert an oregon craft and floral store, into a michael’s store.
  • at age twenty-two, i became the district framing trainer, for all of the san diego county michael’s stores, eighteen total at the time. i was responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training all staff…equipment maintenance, supplies, ordering, customer complaints, inspections, and disciplinary actions.
  • at age twenty-three, i moved into the coolest place that i’ve ever lived. a loft in the middle of downtown la mesa, california…with wendy, audrey, and john-john.
  • at age twenty-three, i met one of my favorite artists, yaakov agam.
  • at age twenty-four, i got my very first tattoo, from tiger jimmy’s, in downtown san diego. david got a huge tiger. i got a crappy rose (which is being covered up). wendy and my sister, who happened to be pregnant, went with us.
  • at age twenty-four, i bought a nineteen-eighty-four, metallic gold, honda elite, one-fifty scooter…from my boss.
  • at age twenty-seven, i got my third car loan, and ended up buying a nineteen-ninety-three, burgundy, ford escort, wagon.
  • at age twenty-eight, i met my partner of fourteen years, kelly.
  • at age twenty-eight, i went to las vegas for the very first time, with kelly and marc. we stayed in a suite, with a jacuzzi, in the window, at the luxor hotel.
  • at age twenty-eight, i took my very first road trip, adult two week vacation, with kelly. we drove up the coastline, on the one-o-one…from san diego, california to tillamook, oregon…and then, east to portland, oregon…and then, back to san diego. we had a blast, camping along the way.
  • at age twenty-nine, kelly and i, as well as my sister and nephew made the move from san diego, california to vancouver, washington.
  • at age thirty-one, kelly and i, adopted our family of boys. we started with dieter solomon (a german shepherd/great dane mix). next was samson (a border collie/samoyed mix). followed by, “world famous gunther, the painting boxer dog.”
  • at age thirty-one, kelly and i, purchased a home, in vancouver, washington.
  • at age thirty-one, i got my fourth car loan, and bought a brand new, nineteen-ninety seven, white, four door, ford f-one-fifty truck.
  • at age thirty-three, kelly and i, owned and operated, our first business. a single-copy newspaper distributorship, for “the columbian.”
  • at age thirty-five, i owned my own courier business, called, “go dog, go.”
  • at age thirty-six, i got my fifth car loan, and bought a brand new, two-thousand-three, metallic gold, ford escape.
  • at age thirty-seven, kelly and i, started our second business. it was a combination art gallery/gift shop/frame shop. the business name was, “art for dog’s sake gallery and custom framing.” it was located in downtown portland, oregon, in the skidmore fountain building…in the middle of the portland saturday market.
  • at age thirty-seven, kelly and i, and our dog, “world famous gunther the painting boxer dog,” appeared live on the “am northwest,” portland, oregon tv show. gunther painted live, on the air.
  • at age thirty-eight, i went back to school, at clark college, in vancouver, washington.
  • at age thirty-nine, kelly and i, started our third business, in downtown gresham, oregon. it was the second location of “art for dogs sake gallery and custom framing.”
  • at age thirty-nine, i met my next partner, of nine and a half years, sarah. we met in geography class, at clark college.
  • at age thirty-nine, i graduated from clark college, with an associate of arts degree.
  • at age thirty-nine, sarah and i, worked on the clark college, art and literary magazine,”the phoenix.” we each had several photos inside, and the book that we designed, and put together, won the grand prize, out of all american college art and literary magazines.
  • at age forty, sarah and i, began taking classes, in the digital technology and culture major, at washington state university, vancouver.
  • at age forty, sarah and i, took a road trip from vancouver, washington to laurel, montana…and back. we were dropping off gunther, to have knee surgery.
  • at age forty, i had several photos published, in “the salmon creek journal,” wsu-v’s art and literary magazine.
  • at age forty-one, sarah and i framed photographs for photographer, jacinda russell.
  • at age forty-one, i had several more photographs published, in “the salmon creek journal.”
  • at age forty-one, kelly and i, flew artist, gus fink, to portland, oregon…for a one-man, one-day, art show.
  • at age forty-one, kelly and i, planned, organized, and hosted a fundraiser for dove lewis veterinary and guide dogs for the blind. the event was called,”it’s a dog’s life festival.” the city of gresham, closed the streets, we had fifty vendors, dog rescues, dog adoptions, raffles, prizes, a dj, food, and fun for all. we drew about twenty thousand people, plus dogs.
  • at age forty-two, i got my nephews name tattooed on the back of my neck, in hebrew.
  • at age forty-two, jason began tattooing my backpiece.
  • at age forty-two, i had several more photos published, in “the salmon creek journal.”
  • at age forty-two, sarah and i, framed more photographs, for photographer, jacinda russell.
  • at age forty-two, i graduated from washington state university, vancouver…magna cum laude.
  • at age forty-seven, i began again, in park city, montana.
  • at age forty-seven, i began this blog.
  • at age forty-eight, i wrote my second book, about “molly the octopus,” in two weeks.
  • at age forty-eight, a publisher wants to publish,”molly the octopus.”
  • at age forty-eight, i began again, in henderson, nevada.
  • at age forty-nine, i have a beach apartment, and have to begin again…depending on what i choose.

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